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 Welcome to Region 2 Professional-Technical Academy
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Only qualified high school students enrolling in a course need to register or log in to this site.

Welcome to Region 2 Professional-Technical Academy's website. We serve Idaho High School students interested in careers in health care.

Select the course of interest to you from the menu on the left. It will give you important information and directions for course enrollment.  If you are new to our courses, you must start with taking Fundamentals for Health Professions (FHP) followed by Medical Terminology.

Student Instructions for Enrollment (for NEW students):
1. Go to the upper right corner and choose "Register"
2. Complete the form to create your account
3. Your user name should be "pt", followed by your last name and first initial (example: If your name was Mary Smith your user name will be ptsmithm)  If that name is already taken place a number behind your name (example: ptsmithm2Do not use spaces or capital letters
4. Your first name needs to be your legal first name (Example: if you go by a shorter version - such as Bob, when your legal name is Robert - you need to put Robert)
5. Your legal last name
6. Your display name should be your first name
7. Email address: Please provide the email address that you consistently use or the email for your classroom Monitor / TA / Counselor.  If you forget your password it will be reset and sent via email to the address you provide.
8. Your password needs to be at least 8 letters/characters/numbers long
9. Choose "Register Me" and then log out.
10. Then proceed to the instructions below

For all students (new and returning students):

1. In the upper right corner, choose "Login"
2. Enter your user name and password
3. Scroll to bottom of page and choose "Course Enrollment"
4. Click onto "Course Enrollment"
5. Enroll in your course(s)
6. Choose "Register for selected classes"
7. Once you have completed your enrollment choose "Complete registration"
8. A page will ask you to confirm your choices, double check all information and then click confirm.
9. You will receive a page that is confirmation of your current enrollment.
10. You will be emailed once you have been entered into the course at the beginning of the semester. 

It is very important that you remember your user name and password you set up at this site so you can enroll in future courses and update your student profile.

For questions or if you need to drop a course after you submit this enrollment, please send an email to me at and tell your counselor as soon as possible. 

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Course Website If you have already submitted an online enrollment form and have been assigned a user name and password for a course.
Course Enrollment If you have already spoken with your counselor, read the course syllabus, and are logged into this site.

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